4 Ways to Adapt Your Marketing and Website Strategy During The Coronavirus Crisis

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Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, most consumers around the world have changed their buying behaviour and spending habits. The most evident and obvious change is that physical locations can’t be visited. As a result, both consumers and businesses have to rely exclusively on digital marketplaces.

But this change in behavior is much more than just a change from physical to digital. The digital marketplace is a lot different from what it was a few months ago, and creating effective campaigns that bring and convert leads is a completely different science.

To help you adapt to this new consumer mentality, we came up with a list of practical and easy-to-implement ways to adapt your marketing and website strategy during the coronavirus:

Paid ads

While it may sound counterintuitive, paid ads are one of the best ways to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis. Countless businesses experienced a loss in effectiveness from their usual paid ad campaigns and, consequently, stopped them.

If your ads were affected in a similar way (if you had them in the first place,) chances are that you did the same – and that’s sometimes the best choice. 

The valuable insight here is that many hidden terms and keywords still have a lot of potential to bring traffic and grow your business – at a lower cost per click!

Many target terms have suddenly become more effective and higher converting. For example, the term “online courses about drawing” saw a sharp increase in searches during the crisis. 

Businesses usually don’t adapt their ad campaigns to these changes instantly, and there’s a period of time where interest is very high in proportion to competition. This period is the perfect opportunity to leverage paid ads to effectively attract customers at a lower cost than usual.

Make special offers and discounts

Right now is the perfect moment to help others by discounting your products or services. Not to mention that it is also a great strategy to increase your visibility and exposure.

Are you subscribed to a decent number of newsletters?

In the ‘promotions’ section of your email inbox, you’ll have an endless list of examples of this strategy in use. As you’ll see, countless brands are making special offers to increase their exposure and connect with their audience.

Add in the unfortunate fact that most people’s wallets are emptier lately, and the appeal of this strategy becomes even more apparent.

Online education

The demand for online education programs and courses is on the rise. The money that usually went to gym memberships, academies and any form of in-person, private education is now flowing towards digital alternatives.

Whether implementing an education product is possible or not depends on your business model. If it’s within your reach, consider taking this route.

Diversify to other countries

Not every country is affected by the crisis in the same way. While it may be specially harder to reach people in Spain, Italy, or the US, many other zones are doing very well.

For example, you could translate your website and blog content to Spanish, Portuguese, or any other language.

You may be thinking that targeting other countries with less competitive and resourceful markets is a bad investment, but that’s not the case at all.

While the American and english-speaking market has a bigger budget, it is also more competitive. You can MUCH more easily get ranked on the first page of Google in the Spanish or german search results, for example.


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