5 Social Media Strategies to Boost Sales of Small Businesses

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Consumer behaviour has been evolving rapidly in recent years. Most shopping is now done through mobile devices and laptops. Moreover, the experience of shopping has been increasingly becoming more social with platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This development has been facilitated in no small measure by the fact that most of these social media platforms have now built in the ‘buy’ button in their apps.

These new buying habits have translated into a gamut of new opportunities for smaller businesses. For the first time, they can make use of marketing tactics previously monopolized by bigger corporations. They can now build their brand online, or reach potential customers not located in the immediate vicinity of their brick and mortar shops. Even on shoe string budgets, medium and smaller enterprises can now leverage these new social media trends to augment their customer base and reach.

Here’s a list of five strategies that relatively smaller firms can deploy to boost sales:

  1. Give your marketing a personal touch

Social media has made it possible to engage remotely located consumers, that too with a personal touch. A lot of marketers carry out discussions in real-time with their social media followers to build their brand image. Occasionally, businesses may also use non-product related visuals and stories to evoke positive emotions among the customers. Connecting with potential consumers is a proven strategy to improve sales.

  1. Pay close attention to customer service

Nowadays, a company’s social media pages & handles (Facebook and Twitter) are the first points of contact for smart customers. Even a relatively minor incident or a few negative comments could snowball into a PR disaster. To prevent the likelihood of such mishaps, always try to stay at the top of all consumer complaints. Undue delay in responding to them could do a lot of harm to your brand image. For smaller organizations with a limited number of employees, now there are monitoring tools that help you keep track of customer queries.

  1. Don’t underestimate the potential of Twitter

A lot of organizations overemphasize the significance of Facebook and pay relatively less attention to Twitter. However, Twitter has a proven track record of causing sudden spikes in sales. Now Amazon lets Twitter users add items directly to their Amazon shopping carts from tweets. While such sophisticated technology may not be available to smaller enterprises, now there are tools such as Hootsuite to schedule regular tweets regarding product deals. Make sure that each tweet includes a compelling visual, a relevant hashtag, and a direct link for purchase.

  1. Keep your social media platforms linked to an online store

Online sales can also be increased by including a shopping cart on your company’s Facebook page. This allows your customers to shop and purchase without even leaving Facebook. Many organizations also add a store to their WordPress blog. Most of these sites are mobile adaptive and make for a seamless shopping experience.

  1. Recognize the power of the mobile phone

According to a study carried out in 2014 by Salesforce, 85 percent of the surveyed Americans reported that mobile phones played a central part in their daily lives. Facebook mobile app receives a total volume of over a billion users each month. It is for these reasons that it is imperative for social media marketers today to ensure that all their sites and platforms are optimized for access through mobile phones.

Utilising these five strategies could translate into a massive sales boost for your organisation. Even with a very limited budget, you can reach a huge consumer base that would otherwise have been oblivious of your business and products. Smart marketing tactics and brand building would go a long way towards boosting your sales.