5 Tips to Manage Your Social Media Effectively During The Holidays

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During the holiday season, it’s easy to give your business’s social media accounts less priority. However, it’s crucial to keep marketing your business year-round to keep your followers engaged and connected.

As it happens, the holiday season may be the most important time of the year to be active. A study by sprout social suggests that retailers can expect 40% more social messages.

We agree that it may be a little bit unfair, as this happens to be the time when you (and your employees) want to wind off from the busy work life. This means that you need to plan how you will maintain a healthy work-life balance while maximizing the results for your business during this period.

Digitalization is key to take as much advantage of this opportunity as possible – especially amidst a pandemic. Here are some tips to manage your social media during the holidays like a pro:

Schedule your content in advance

Depending on your industry, you may need more staff and to increase your open hours to keep up with demand during the holidays. This is the case for most restaurants, hotels, and retail stores.

Also, your employees may demand some well-deserved time off, making it increasingly complex to keep your social media activity in check.

Whatever your situation may be, scheduling the content you will be posting in advance will ensure your activity is consistent and will help you save yourself a few headaches.

To do this, you don’t need to pay for any sophisticated social media scheduling tool or software (although they make things easier). A simple excel spreadsheet should do the job.

Have a plan about how you will handle customer service

As a peak time of the year for many sectors, you need to plan beforehand how you will handle customer service and comments. 

You will have to provide more replies, and, ideally, you should also decrease your response times (as consumers are more likely to make purchases).

If you have less availability to sit down and handle your social accounts from a computer, consider using your phone to answer customer messages. If you follow the previous tip and create a content plan, you should even be able to publish posts from your phone as the content has already been prepared.

Use social media ads to retarget your most engaged customers

Free, standard posts are still king when it comes to cost-effectiveness in social media marketing. However, using paid ads can help you boost your sales almost immediately.

Unfortunately, the rates for social media ads increase considerably during the holiday season, which is why we suggest using retargeting.

Using retargeting to show ads to your most engaged customers is a very cost-effective way to promote your business without breaking the bank. 

By only showing ads to those that are already engaged with your brand, you avoid the costs of advertising to people that are not likely to be interested.

Work with a digital marketing agency

Running your business, dealing with customers, and managing your social accounts – all while sparing some time to celebrate with your family – is a daunting feat that can make it difficult to provide your customers with the best possible experience. 

Here’s where working with a digital marketing agency can make things considerably easier. A digital marketing agency will take full responsibility for every marketing-related activity, allowing you to focus on your business while resting assured that it will be marketed effectively.

Show the human side of your business

There’s no better time than Christmas to show your business’s human side. This is the perfect time to surprise your top customers with a generous offer, such as a discount or a gift.

Through social media, you can show your human side by sharing photos of your team, uploading videos instead of pictures, and creating more non-promotional content.

How you engage in conversations is also key, as this is a great chance to get personal and to show your customers how much you care about solving their problems or satisfying their needs.