Cost-effective ways to market your small business during the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19)

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The coronavirus pandemic surprised us abruptly with its profound impact on businesses and how they relate to customers. 

Countless brands have been forced to change their entire marketing approach and the ways they reach consumers.

For a large number of small businesses, it’s a priority to find cost-effective ways to endure the crisis. Marketing budgets are sinking, especially for those that relied on physical sales.

The good news is that there are many cost-effective ways to market your business during COVID-19 and stay strong despite the circumstances:

Reduce unnecessary marketing costs

Before focusing on new ways to market your business, consider reviewing your current marketing efforts. 

For example, let’s say you were investing in PPC ads for a handful of terms before the crisis.

Some of the keywords or marketing efforts that brought you results a few months ago may not work anymore because of the change in consumer interest.

Take the time to review each of your marketing campaigns to learn if they’re still viable. The money you save can be used on strategies or keywords that bring better results in these hard times.

Go nuts with digital marketing

Let’s state the obvious – digital marketing is the key to market your business during COVID-19. 

If your small business doesn’t have a website yet, consider building one right away. You should also set up social accounts, possibly a blog, and learn as much as possible about how to digitally market your business.

Here are some great tools to work remotely if your team is quarantined.

Connect digitally with your customers through social media

Social media marketing is a very cost-effective way to market your small business during the coronavirus crisis.

Due to social distancing, people are seeking to connect with others through digital means. They are spending more time online and on social media.

For your brand, this is a great opportunity to give people the connection they crave. They are lonely, uncertain, afraid, and bored.

Take as much advantage as possible of social media and display empathy, certainty, and hope. Your audience will appreciate it.

Focus on emotional triggers

During a crisis, certain emotional triggers work very well for marketing purposes. 

For example, consumers are more insecure than usual. This means that they’re attracted to brands that provoke a feeling of certainty and security. In your content, speak in a reassuring tone and let your customers know that everything is well and under control.

You can also provoke negative emotions such as fear, but consider the moral implications and how it can affect your brand image.

They are great at provoking customer responses, but be careful. It can seem as if your brand is taking advantage of these feelings to make a profit.

Educational products on the rise

Have you noticed that many gyms are promoting digital workout routines and fitness courses lately? This is a great example of the effectiveness of online education during COVID-19.

Your audience is more likely to be interested in webinars, ebooks, courses, and other digital resources right now. 

Sell a course or get prospects by offering free resources. The opportunities are there, it’s up to you to take them or not.