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What is a CRM? why is it essential for your business? These questions and many more concerning CRM, could be answered from different points of view.

CRM as a software

First of all, we will talk about CRM as a software concept. There are well-founded opinions that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is only a sales management model, but the reality is that it is a deeper concept. We could say that it is a technology that makes possible the collection, management and analysis of customer data. 

From this point of view, a CRM, as far as software is concerned, has many advantages such as: process automation, data storage, sales process and campaign tracking, etc…

CRM as a management model

Secondly, we will talk about CRM as a management model and its fundamental role in different areas of the company.  This tool allows a total 360-degree view of the entire company, which provides greater control, supervision and monitoring of each area. It is created to offer the necessary material to have a greater number of satisfied customers.

From this point of view, a CRM in terms of strategy and business model, has many advantages such as: availability of information at any time and from any device, manages and organizes the work of people, develops and manages reports, keeps updated databases and the status of work, facilitates communication with the customer, etc… 

Generic CRMs are fine, but why do we recommend a customized CRM?

The importance of this stems from the specific needs of each company with its customers. It is normal for many businesses to make use of basic CRMs such as HubSpot, Salesforce or Suites among others but which one will ensure that your needs are met? The answer is none. Only a tool designed and developed under the company’s way of working will be the solution to the problem we are talking about. A personalized CRM is, in short, a way to develop the company based on the knowledge of the customers, allowing to differentiate and segment them according to their preferences to give them the experience they expect and not the one we invented. These acronyms, understood in depth, are synonymous with customer loyalty, understanding of market niches and business development.

For this reason, as a business model that differentiates the company from its competitors, it seeks to achieve its final objective through the use of the information provided by its customers, getting closer to them and learning from each of their interactions.

The advantages of having your own CRM

  • More personal relationships with customers
  • Follow-up of potential sales
  • Total control of information
  • Control of tasks performed on a daily basis
  • Get new ideas and solutions 
  • Internal database 
  • Exhaustive segmentation for marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns with customers that can generate new sales

Therefore, the creation of a customized CRM was unthinkable years ago for SMEs or medium-sized companies, but nowadays, more and more companies are using this type of tool regardless of size or number of employees. There are many alternatives and choices when it comes to choosing a CRM for small and medium-sized companies.

Moreover, of the 80% of SMEs in Spain, 59% of these companies use CRM software and 29% are thinking of implementing it in the near future. The days of the spreadsheet are numbered against this innovative tool that offers fast, efficient and low-cost solutions. 

“Customer service should not be just one department, it should be the whole company” Tony Hsieh