Does your website design impact your bottom line? Here are 3 reasons why website visuals matter

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Website design may, at first glance, look like a very superficial aspect of building an effective website. 

And while that’s completely true, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. Why? Because a good-looking design will immensely help to impress your clients and improve your bottom line.

We’ve seen it again and again, how an improved website design can provide immediate results to businesses trying to benefit from digitalizing their business.

To drill in your head the importance of having a good website design, we created a list of some of the main reasons why website visuals matter:

First impressions are vital in business

The first impression that your business has on prospects can be the decisive factor that determines whether they become clients or not.

If you are losing a lot of potential customers because they are leaving your website when they visit it, it’s likely due to a bad first impression.

Before even purchasing or interacting with your business, customers have access to your website, and it is very likely that they will judge you based on superficial factors such as its design and interface.

Think about this from your customers’ perspective:

Let’s say there are two businesses that do exactly the same thing, but one of them has a good-looking design.

Which one would you pick? Clearly, the one with the best design, since it provokes a better first impression.

A good website design establishes trust

Something that’s pretty clear is that people have more trust in businesses with good-looking websites. If your website looks shady, old fashioned, and outdated, people are less likely to build a relationship with your business due to a lack of trust.

Professional businesses show their professionality on every facet. They have great customer service, provide a great customer experience from the beginning, and then deliver products and services that satisfy clients.

Do you want potential clients to trust your business?

Well, that’s going to be very hard if you fail to show professionality from the start. 

Why would your potential clients think that your business will provide them with a satisfying product or service – when you can’t even make a decent looking website?

You stand out from the competition

Your company likely has competitors that offer similar services at similar pricing. In cases like this, it can be difficult to stand out.

A solution in this type of scenario can be to have an outstanding website design. A good-looking design can be the one thing that helps your business to step above the competition.

A professional website design is a clear indicator that your business has the willingness to do what’s possible to impress and satisfy clients, and the resources to invest in creating a better customer experience.


Having a good website design is more important nowadays than it has ever been. Your customers are more digitalized than ever, and they’ve seen what high-quality websites look like. They expect top-notch websites that are responsive, easy to use, and beautifully designed.

Want to meet your client’s expectations and go as far as impressing them?

At Hakuna Consulting, we specialize in designing websites that cater to all of your business’ needs. We turn your leads into customers and help you reap the rewards of digitalization.

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