Goodbye, office! It’s time for digital nomads

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digital nomads

It’s not about spending X hours in the office, it’s about achieving X results.

This new concept of work is possible thanks to the network and the digitalization of businesses, with which workers will not have to be in the office to perform their duties, but can do it from anywhere, only with a computer and internet connection. They are the so-called digital nomads.

First of all, we must be clear about what it means to be a digital nomad. The website Escuela nómada digital defines it as “a person who uses the Internet to carry out his occupation and/or to sell his knowledge to other people or companies. In other words, they work remotely, which allows them to lead a “nomadic life”, i.e. to live while traveling”.

A new way of life, a new working paradigm in which the digital transformation that we have so present in Hakuna comes into play. With this new concept of work, the employee has a number of advantages that will completely change their perception of “going to work”, such as flexible schedules or being able to work from almost anywhere in the world.


This attractive way of working for digital nomads has been made even more visible with the global pandemic we are experiencing. Not really because of people who want to travel around the world at this time, but because of teleworking. Being able to perform your duties from home is a relief for all those who belong to high-risk groups or live with people who are.

Many companies have had to invoke teleworking, either voluntarily or not, and have ended “losing their fear” of this way of working, thus turning it into a competitive advantage. This new professional profile, with the approval of the company, decides to move to small, less polluted towns, changing their way of life and leaving the big cities behind.

One good example is the situation in the Canary Islands. The good climate that accompanies ‘Las islas afortunadas’ throughout the year invites many employees to temporarily relocate their residence there in order to work surrounded by sun and beach.

All this is possible thanks to the digitalization of the world, a new paradigm that means that we are all connected from anywhere on the planet, being able to interact, shop, and even work, through a computer. Companies need this digital transformation as much as people do. What is not on the network does not exist, and that is something that we must keep in mind every day, both to help people to make their lives easier and to increase performance and profits in companies.

Digital transformation has never been so important in the business world.