Growing a Business through Customer Survey and Feedback

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Do you value customer feedback for your business? When was the last time you considered having a customer survey?
For continuous business improvement and growth, gathering customer feedback should be an important priority. It will help you identify your hits and misses and enable you to improve your business operations and hone your strategies.
Customer feedback is invaluable for robust business growth and some of its major benefits are listed below:

  1. Getting Feedback for Performance
    Getting in touch with customers who stopped using your products or services and asking them what went wrong can reveal important shortcomings in your business. Don’t forget to question them on what they think you can do to bring them back as customers. Once you obtain their feedback, you can start working on your drawbacks. Doing this will also help you gauge the performance of your customer service team and evaluate their competence. Online surveys are an excellent tool for getting genuine feedback from external sources on the performance of your business.
  2. Identifying Loyal Customers
    An online survey can help you identify your most loyal customers. They can be excellent promoters of your business by acting as your brand ambassadors. Interacting with them can also help you understand the reason for their loyalty which will allow you to build on your strengths. You will also have the opportunity to build stronger bonds with them and show them that you truly care.
  3. Evaluating Customer Satisfaction
    It is estimated that on an average only 1 out of 25 dissatisfied customers makes a complaint while the remaining 24 simply ditch the brand and go straight to the competitor. Surveys can help you prevent customers from deserting your brand by getting authentic feedback across a wide range of areas including product quality, customer service, aftersales support, etc. Obtaining such feedback can enable you to make timely course corrections and power ahead towards growth.
  4. Building a Top-notch Customer Experience
    Online customer surveys are an effective and relatively economical way of communicating with your customers. You need to keep the surveys simple by asking a few relevant and strategic questions. Surveys have the potential of bringing about a huge change in the way customers perceive a brand, while also enhancing customer experience.
  5. Showing Your Gratitude
    Surveys are an excellent tool to make your customers feel wanted. Encourage them to suggest ways and means to improve your offerings. Don’t forget to include exciting rewards for customers who fill out the questionnaire diligently. Rewards are a lovely way to say ‘thank you’ and these two words can work wonders.
  6. Enhancing Employee Engagement to Boost Customer Service
    Internal surveys are a great way to boost employee engagement. Asking your employees about likes and dislikes pertaining to their job will reveal the problems they face and help you address them. Employee-focused surveys can boost the morale of your workers and drive them to represent your brand in the best way possible. This, in turn, will boost customer satisfaction since happy employees lead to happier consumers.
  7. Understanding Your Target Market
    If you are planning to scale up your business or add new products and services, understanding your target audience is vital. A survey on what your customers need and how to reach out to them is crucial for your brand’s success. To ensure you are targeting the right customers, ask them about their likes, dislikes, and interests in the survey.
  8. Assessing the Survey Data at Regular Intervals
    Gathering feedback and assessing the data after regular intervals will help in ensuring that the required actions are taken. Connect with your customers through additional surveys to measure your progress in terms of product development and customer experience. Such feedback can help you learn a lot about your advancement and assess your improvement.

Taking feedback from customers will help you in creating a strong brand relationship. Surveys may be also conducted offline by creating a focus group. You can also obtain vital information by simply talking to your customers when they visit your store. In the end, it is about taking out the time and making the effort to obtain feedback data irrespective of the channel and use it to boost business growth.