How to use podcasts for Inbound Marketing

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Doing inbound marketing is the same as selling without being invasive, always providing high-value content that will allow you to generate conversions on a large scale and in a natural way.

Podcasting is about generating audio content on fairly specific topics that will then be published in the form of episodes. Podcasting is one of the ideal ways to apply inbound marketing because it is an incredible opportunity to sell without selling.

Throughout this article we will tell you how to use podcasting and apply it in your inbound marketing strategy.

Why podcast?

Chances are you hear the term podcast more and more in your day and maybe even a close friend has told you about his or her favorite podcast show. And that’s because podcasting is gaining more and more popularity in recent years, especially in the Hispanic world. According to major surveys, podcasting has grown and it is becoming more and more common to find the term in conversations, especially if you are in business.

Some 41% of the U.S. population over the age of 12 listens to at least one podcast a month according to The Infinite Dial’s 2021 annual survey, a leading U.S. digital media pollster. There are no such figures for the Spanish-speaking market, but it is estimated that it is the one that will grow the most in the current and coming years. Proof of this is that large production companies landed in Spain with big bets, such as Podimo or Audible.

Why is podcasting so relevant? The content generated by podcasts has allowed us all to refresh our eyesight, so contaminated with the over-information that surrounds us. Podcasting has made its way into a new way of getting relevant information to us in audio format and has shown how an invaluable connection can be built through this type of communication.

Advantages of using podcasts in inbound marketing

Using podcasts as part of your inbound marketing strategy has many advantages, here are some of them:

  • Listening to a podcast involves a moment of attentive listening, it implies that the listener does it actively and thus generates a unique connection of the listener with the content.
  • Podcasting is a medium that allows you to articulate with other means of dissemination that you use, such as your social networks, website, so that a coherent synergy is generated.
  • With podcasting you can reach people who are used to this format and who otherwise would not have found your content and that of your company.
  • Podcasting allows you to segment your target audience more quickly and the possibility of finding a micro-niche.
  • You have the opportunity for your current customers to be, so to speak, ambassadors of your brand. By giving them valuable content, they are more likely to recommend you to their acquaintances and friends.
  • So far, listening to podcasts is mostly free. If used well, podcasting is an opportunity to provide listeners with valuable content as a test to then generate conversions.

Ways to do inbound marketing with podcast

We will tell you the most effective ways to do inbound marketing with podcast. Maybe not all of them are for you, but you can surely adopt some of these actions.

1 – Show expertise

With podcasts you have the opportunity to show everything you know about your business, the services and products you offer. You can showcase unique content that will make you genuinely connect with your customers or potential customers. If you really have passion for your company and your industry, generating audio content will be entertaining and you can also learn a lot more about your industry.

2 – Networking

By having a podcast for your company you can use the interview format. This format will allow you to invite personalities who are experts in an area, industry references, popular characters or even colleagues. This way you build a network where you are likely to expand your audience and therefore your clientele, and the person who collaborates as well.

3 – Questions and answers

The audio format of the podcast can be the perfect opportunity to clear all the recurring doubts of your customers in a unique way. These recurring questions can be taken from your other media, especially from your social networks.

What do you need to get started with podcasting?

To get started as a podcasting company you don’t need much. You can even pay a production company to generate your podcast if you can afford it. However, starting a podcast on your own is not too complex. Follow these steps:

  • You’ll need an external microphone, or you can use a cell phone microphone. If you plan to do it this way, you’ll want to have an audio editor on your cell phone as well. 
  • You should have a headset so you can listen to yourself while recording.
  • Choose a plan to host your podcast on the web and have it distributed by the different podcast platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, among many other directories. You can start with Buzzsprout, they have a variety of plans that can fit your needs.

Examples of podcast in inbound marketing 

We have some examples to illustrate how some companies use this format in their inbound marketing strategy:

  • The Value School podcast: this is the podcast of a school of finance. It is the example of how to provide free information on the most recurrent and important topics of this school of finance. With its content on personal finance this podcast tends to reach many more people interested in business podcasts and who may also be interested in taking content later on at the school.
  • Viajando despacio: this podcast is the flagship media of a travel agency called Rutas Pangea that is dedicated to planning bicycle tourism. The podcast covers relevant topics related to bicycle travel.
  • ¿Leemos? Podcast: this is the Planeta de Libros podcast, a podcast where we publish interviews with the authors of the books for sale, reading recommendations, among other valuable content that may be of interest to readers and literature lovers. The firm behind this podcast is none other than Grupo Planeta.

Now that you know the advantages of using podcasts in your inbound marketing strategy and how to implement it, you can think about how this media can be articulated in your communication strategy and start experimenting with audio content.