How to use social media for your business

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A guide for non-millennials.

How to use social media for your business Blog

Even if you live under a stone, it is sheerly impossible to not somehow have heard about social media. May it be your teenage niece posing on that snappychat thing at Christmas or old classmates sending you invites to join Facebook; fact is social media has become part of Western culture.

So far, we have probably not blown your mind. You knew that already. What you might not know yet, is that using social media in a clever way, can immensely benefit your (small) company. To help you out, we created a mini series that explains the basics of the most popular social media tools and how you can use them to boost business. To start of, we will talk about Instagram

What is it?

Instagram is an app on which you can share photos and videos from your smartphone. Or that’s at least how it started a few years ago. The app is famous for the square shaped images and the minimal interface which allows you to scroll (and scroll and scroll…) uninterruptedly.

To use it, you have to create a profile and choose if you would like your images to be private (meaning, you will then have to manually allow followers to view your account) or public. The images uploaded by the people you follow will be shown in your newsfeed.

Special tools

  • Hashtags, @mention, location
  • Comments, likes and private messages
  • Live videos (can only be viewed within 24 hours)
  • IGTV (this is more for creators and you won’t need to worry about it for now)

How it can help your business

An Instagram account can really be a game changer when it comes to your branding strategy (if you have one). You can use this tool to make people aware that you exist and once you have a base of followers, interact with them.

Expert tips

As you have probably heard (or experienced yourself when going out for lunch literally anywhere) people are OBSESSED with photographing their food. People rearrange the table, climb on chairs and sometimes manage to create little pieces of artwork with a frappuccino only.

Now you come in: If you own a restaurant, café or bar, you could print your Instagram handle on the menus, so people can tag you in the photos they take there. You then need to check your tagged images every day, like them (double tab) and comment on them. A nice idea is to repost your customer’s photos and @mention them. That will flatter your customer and make your feed more alive.

Another great tip is to take your followers behind the scenes of your business by creating fun videos of what is going on in the back. This could be showing how your team prepares delicious pastries (#croissant) in the morning or even you and the team having a relaxing #coffee in your office before you get business started (#mindfulness).

And don’t forget: link from your business website to your Instagram account! Your future clients and customers want more than good references, they want to get to know you. Keeping your website professional and clean is key, but your company’s Instagram allows you to show the human aspect of your business.

Sharon Mercedes Pradella

Sharon Mercedes Pradella

Sharon Mercedes was born in Berlin, Germany but is currently living in beautiful Madrid to enjoy life the fullest. Being part of that generation that for one part grew up with the rapid development of electronic inventions but for the other part can still tell you the tail of the landline, she is both excited about everything digital but can still feel for those who aren’t.