Wonders of ecommerce

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A few years ago, no other way of shopping was contemplated than going to a shopping center, walking through crowded corridors and fighting the crowd to find what we wanted. In fact, this was the plan of many families for the winter Saturdays, when it was cold and leisure was shopping in a mall. All this has been left behind.

Following these steps has been replaced by a much simpler, faster and more convenient process. What has changed? Access to the Internet. The accessibility to all the products and/or needs we have at just one click.

Life before e-commerce

–   Having to deal with traffic and parking in shopping malls.

–   Spending hours searching and choosing the item we want and that meets our needs.

–   Get through the big crowds and queue to pay for the purchase.

Life with e-commerce

–   Being able to save time, as it only takes a few clicks to visit online stores, search, choose and buy the products you want.

–   Searching for items is more accessible thanks to well-designed online stores.

–   Easier and more secure purchasing processes without having to use cash.

E-commerce from 2020

Although e-commerce has been around for years, since 2020 it has had an exponential growth and has been assuring its place in the market. This growth has led to the rethinking of many business models and their impact on the future of the economy. Companies have started to ask themselves questions: will I manage to survive in the market without having an online store? Will my business sink if I continue working in the traditional way? Will I be able to reach the economic goals for the next year if I don’t have an online presence? and many more.

Spain was the second EU country with the highest e-commerce growth in 2020 with an increase of 40%, and this will continue to increase. For all this, it can be said that technology has contributed significantly to boost companies.

On the consumer side, consumers have also seen their share of benefits. Better investment in technology means happier and more satisfied customers. They have seen benefits in three basic pillars: product variety, convenience and secure payment. Consumers now have access to millions of online stores around the world and can see what a wider selection of brands have to offer. In addition, they are not geographically limited, as they can consider shopping a few miles or thousands of miles away. With a few clicks, consumers can buy whatever they want and need from the comfort of home. And finally, technology has introduced several ways to make sending and receiving payments more accessible and secure online.

Finally, we can conclude that “technology is best when it brings people together”. – Matt Mullenweg.